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July 31, 2011


Belinda Hayward

Hi Sandy - Your holiday looked awesome! Our next holiday is.....Blackall!!!! Ha Ha. Can't wait. Kids are already booked into the 'Kids Club' - fishing with Poppy, horse riding with Uncle Tex, Motor bike riding with Uncle Bill and sleep overs at Grandma's. PERFECT!
Love your post always, Belinda.

Pam Miller

Sandy, I'm not typing this message to necesarily go in the comp, but what wonderful memorable pics you have of the very proud Grandad and the kids! And what a journey for the kids! I'm sure it did bring back many memories of the years gone by. Congrats on achieving 15 years service to the west - you have the patience of a saint putting up with such a diversity of customers. My holiday destination would be WA when the flowers are in season. I really miss the heather flowering along the highway. I have been constructing the 'Double Hour Glass' but it sometimes gets boring having to cut individual pieces eh? I then get on the machine and sew pieces for the 'Birthday Bushfires' that I started hand sewing almost 6 years ago!! Definitely no more quilts before I get these done. Love Pam Miller

Helen Meppem

Hi Sandy, just catching up with your blog after many family hassles in this camp, but lovely to read all about your holiday, and would you believe Michael and I are talking about making a trip to Western Australia with some old friends next year, so you have given us inspiration there.Lovely photos of your family too and good to know you were able to take a break from all you do for everyone around here and congratulations on the silver thimble birthday too.Helen


Looks like some fantastic memories there. I'm not sure where I would like to go for a holiday, as long as there was a patchwork shop or two for me to while away some time in. Might head out your way!

Kylie Angel

Hi Sandy, Welcome home. I would like my husband and I to take our kids on a trip around Australia.... well to the various capital cities for a start. My youngest is learning about the different states of Australia and asks great questions about different Australian landmarks. I would love to see places like Western Australia and Tasmania myself, but most of all I would like my kids to learn that it is a big exciting world out there and that Australia is an incredibly diverse nation. Looking forward to the retreat! Thanks Sandy Kylie Angel

Terry Rosenow

Wonderful to hear that your holiday was what you hoped for and you got to share the wonderful trip back down memory lane with your family. I am happy to go any where on holidays, preferably somewhere I haven't been before with the company of good friends and family, great food (possibly a drink or two) and a hand stitching project! Heaven!

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