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February 04, 2010



That's great! I've had the stuff to do this for months, probably years now, but haven't got around to it. Will do it in the near future with all this free time I'll have on my hands after next week. Ha Ha. Be talking to you, Margot

Judy B

I don't know how I found this blog but am glad I did!
The mini ironing board is a great idea, and I have added it to my Links to Lessons page on my blog.
Thank you!
Judy B


My friend has one of these and loves it. Maybe it's time forme to have one too.
Thanks for the tutorial!
Love all you quilt pictures, BTW.


I have a question. Did you leave the pencil in to make the hinge or did you just use it as a spacer? I am re-doing mine because it needed a new cover. I didn't use duct tape on the first one but will this time. Thanks for the tutorial. Now I can send people here when the compliment me on mine!

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