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July 20, 2009



Congratulations on eleven years of trading. I've commented before so you've heard from me, not a lurker but still following your lovely stitching. Congratulations and lets hope there'll be at least another 11 to follow! Then we could get 22 fats!!! Best wishes!

Sue Denham

Sandy I was in Grade 3 at West Mackay State School when I watched the moon landing, sure seems like a very long time ago. Congrats on 11 years in the shop and I hope you'll be there for many more years.

Helen Meppem

Congratulations on eleven wonderful years, Sandy. You make life so much better for many of us and it is just great we can read your blog to keep in touch. If I was closer I would be at all your retreats, hope to get to another one sometime, in the meantime a visit to your shop and your blog are all I need to inspire me, still working on the stack and slash ( really lovely colours). You know where I am.

Fiona Nicholson

It's great to have you in Western Qld and even though I live between Winton and Kynuna (350k away) the shop is close by for all patchwork needs. Congratulations on 11 yeas. I (almost) share a birthday with the Silver Thimble but have many more years on me! Love the blog.

Suzy McKenzie

11 years ago I wasn't interested in patchwork I didn't even own a sewing machine. Now I'm addicted! Especially to the gorgeous fabrics in your shop. You make it very hard to walk past! As for the moon landing I don't think my parents even knew each other back then. Happy eleventh birthday to The Silver Thimble! Barcy would be very cold without all the quilts that are made from the fabrics in your shop!!!

Jean Lennon

Congratulations Sandy on this 11th. Birthday of the opening of The Silver Thimble. Thank you for your friendship,support and help over these years.Thank you also for the interesting Blog each week and the very enjoyable Patchwork Retreat Weekends you organise.Once again congratulations Sandy and good luck for years ahead. Kind Regards


I came over from a quilting blog in the States and am glad I found you. Congratulations on your anniversary. Good luck for the future.


Congratulations on eleven years of trading. I saw your blog with the other blogs in Norway. You have a lovely blog. Good luck for the future. Grethe from Norway :0)

Siv Hege Arnesen

Gongratulations Sandy, and may you have many more successful years to come :)


Congratulations on eleven years of trading. And still more to come :)

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