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July 27, 2009




Betty Wason

Congratulations,Sandy,We the ladies of the west are so lucky to have our own Patchwork Shop,hope for many more years to enjoy your knowledge & beautiful fabrics.Betty Wason.

Carleen Entriken

Congratulations Sandy.We are most fortunate in having you so relatively close by. (and I do mean relatively!!)Thank you also for the help you give us all and hopefully you will be there in the Silver Thimble for a long time to come.


Wow guys! They all look great! The blue & green one looks fantastic! Once you get the hang of it you will churning out projects in a flash! I'm looking forward to seeing the quilting. I see you guys pinned your backgrounds ... too chicken to spray baste? It works beautifully on small projects!

I agree with you Sandy re. Kaffe colours ... they all go so wonderfully together! And they always make me smile!

Mary Mclellan

Congratulations on 11 years Sandy,how time gets by us !! Thanks for all your support in that time and I guess we would all be the poorer in knowledge if it wasn't for you and your shop, although our husbands would think we MIGHT have a little more money in our pockets but I think we wouldn't of meet so many nice people and had such lovely quilts.Thanks again.

Therese Wason Khoory

Hi Sandy,
A small note from Therese Wason Khoory (Ayr), Congrautulations on 11 years of business. I love keeping up to date with whats going on out west thru your blog, especially love the photos of the progects, patterns n fabric. Keep up the good work!! You make me homesick!!! Must make an effort to get to a retreat soon, although Mum may not get rid of me. Take Care, n keep on stichin, Therese


Hi - looking at your lovely fabrics, I am wondering if I can order online? I'm particularly interested in the ones in the centre picture.
Please advise. Thanks very much.
With best regards

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